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Category Entries
Dealers & Builders
A comprehensive list of dealers & builders in North America, broken down by state.
General Bike-related sites
A list of general sites that have to do with customs, choppers etc. No commercial or crappy sites please!
Info - A.B.A.T.E. Chapters
A motorcyclists' rights organization dedicated to preserving individual freedom and promoting safety.
Info - DOT's Per State
Links to all the Departments Of Transportation. For info about ongoing road construction etc.
Info - Event sites
Websites of large bike-events. Stay informed of everything that's going on, like Sturgis, Biketober etc.
Info - State Laws
An overview of some motorcycle laws, by state.
Magazines & Books
A list of (online) magazines & books that exist worldwide, and are specifically targeting customs/choppers.
Member Websites
This section is for member sites only! When adding a link, put the membername first.
Off topic sites
Anything that isn't bike related and interesting to all of us. Note: if it's 'not work safe', include a warning!
Parts & Accessories
A list of dealers that sell parts & accessories for your project. When adding links, please indicate which parts they mainly focus on!
Raw Materials & Tools
Add any links that have to do with fabrication.

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